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Golf Swing – What You Need To Know

How To Properly Work on a Golf Swing: An Effective Breakdown

There is a lot of mechanics that go into a golf swing. A successful swing starts with learning the basic mechanics and then practicing the same move each time until you perfect it. After you have mastered the golf swing basics, you can experiment with more advanced moves and tricks to change the flight of the ball depending on your shot needs. Here are six quick tips on how to properly work on your golf swing.

1. Feet and Shoulders:

Start by spreading your feet shoulder-wide apart, and they should be pointing towards the target. The best way to do this is to ensure that your feet and shoulders are lined up.

2. Bend at the Knees:

grab your club and extend your arms towards the ball. Bend your knees slightly to allow the club head to lay flat on the ground. Keep your back straight at all times. The center of your club head should be in line with the ball.

3. Back Swing:

Now that you have correctly lined up the target with knees flexed, you should follow this with a back swing. The golf back swing is basically a perfect circle, and you achieve this by keeping your left arm straight throughout the back swing to follow-through. Slowly draw the club back and when you reach your back swing; your club should be parallel to the ground and over your head.

4. Down Swing:

During the down swing, your club should follow the same path as it traced during the back swing. Make sure your hips and knees are following the club and always keep your left arm straight during the down swing.

5. Contact:

During contact, keep your head down and eye on the ball. Be sure to align the center of the club face with the ball at contact.

6. Follow-Through:

Follow-through is a very important part of your golf swing. If you don’t execute the follow-through correctly, you will lose some the power and cause the ball to hook or slice. A good follow-through increases both distance and accuracy.


As you work through the 6 steps, you will realize that executing a perfect golf swing is not a complicated. Practice each step, one at a time and after you have mastered, you can experiment with a few twists and turns to match your swing and your shot needs.