Golf Swing – What You Need To Know

How To Properly Work on a Golf Swing: An Effective Breakdown

There is a lot of mechanics that go into a golf swing. A successful swing starts with learning the basic mechanics and then practicing the same move each time until you perfect it. After you have mastered the golf swing basics, you can experiment with more advanced moves and tricks to change the flight of the ball depending on your shot needs. Here are six quick tips on how to properly work on your golf swing.

1. Feet and Shoulders:

Start by spreading your feet shoulder-wide apart, and they should be pointing towards the target. The best way to do this is to ensure that your feet and shoulders are lined up.

2. Bend at the Knees:

grab your club and extend your arms towards the ball. Bend your knees slightly to allow the club head to lay flat on the ground. Keep your back straight at all times. The center of your club head should be in line with the ball.

3. Back Swing:

Now that you have correctly lined up the target with knees flexed, you should follow this with a back swing. The golf back swing is basically a perfect circle, and you achieve this by keeping your left arm straight throughout the back swing to follow-through. Slowly draw the club back and when you reach your back swing; your club should be parallel to the ground and over your head.

4. Down Swing:

During the down swing, your club should follow the same path as it traced during the back swing. Make sure your hips and knees are following the club and always keep your left arm straight during the down swing.

5. Contact:

During contact, keep your head down and eye on the ball. Be sure to align the center of the club face with the ball at contact.

6. Follow-Through:

Follow-through is a very important part of your golf swing. If you don’t execute the follow-through correctly, you will lose some the power and cause the ball to hook or slice. A good follow-through increases both distance and accuracy.


As you work through the 6 steps, you will realize that executing a perfect golf swing is not a complicated. Practice each step, one at a time and after you have mastered, you can experiment with a few twists and turns to match your swing and your shot needs.


Best Courses in USA

Best golf courses in the USA

With summer around the corner, it only means that golf season is about to go into full swing. If you are a golf enthusiast, you must be looking to have a memorable time throughout the season. The only way to accomplish this is to play at the best golf course. The following are some of the best golf courses in USA worth visiting.

1. Augusta National Golf Club

This is a world class golf club located in Georgia. Alister and Jones Mackenzie designed it in 1933. Since its opening in 1934, it has hosted the annual masters Tournament every year. It has been ranked at the top by, and Golf Digest.

It has a slope rating of 135, course rating of 76.2 and a par of 72.

2. Cypress Point Club

Cypress point Golf club is privately owned and located on Monterey peninsula in California.

Alister Mackenzie designed it in 1928.

This golf club is home to some of the world’s most famous golf holes such as the 16th hole where golfers have to shoot over the Pacific Ocean but it is on the smaller side with 6,536 yards and a single 18 hole course.

3. Oakmont Country Club

Located near Pittsburgh Northwest suburbs, Oakmont Country Golf Club is the oldest golf Club in the US. Henry Fownes designed it in 1903 and it has 7,255 yards.

It has hosted the US open several times including in 2016. Its slope rating is 138 with an course rating of 77.9 and a par of 72.

4. Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach Golf Links is famous for its aesthetics. It is located on the West coastline of Pebble Beach in California and has an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and Carmel Bay.

Pebble Beach Golf Links has hosted the Champions tour and PGA Tour annually as well as five PGA Championship and US opens.

5. National Golf Links of America

This is a private golf Club located in Southampton, New York. Charles B. MacDonald designed it and it has 6779 yards.

The club has hosted the amateur competitions of the walker in 1922 and 2013 and has a slope rating of 139, course rating of 74.3 and a par of 73.


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Golf Club Types & Brands

DanHartley Golf Product Comparisons – Golf Club Brands

Golf clubs are an essential part of every golfer’s arsenal. You’ll need a variety of golf clubs to hit the balls in a range of settings. Golf clubs vary in many ways like angle of club head, size of the club head and the length of shaft. Understanding the various types and brands of golf clubs available in the market, is very important when together the right set of golf clubs; a typical set of golf clubs is usually composed of combination of various different golf clubs so that golfers have 1 for every shot they might be faced with. In this article, we are going to discuss the various types of golf clubs and golf club brands available in the market place;

Types of Golf Clubs

This is the most used golf club. Putters help move or roll the ball along the green and into the hole. Putters come in various different sizes, with the standard putter at about 32″ to 35″ tall. The heads of the putters can be in form of a mallet with flat surface, or in form of a flat blade. Putters which have short shafts are known as the standard/conventional putters, while those with long shafts are known as broomstick or belly putters.

Also known as the 1 wood, this type of golf club gets its’ name from being used to drive golf balls off of the tee. Drivers usually have the longest shafts and the largest heads. Drivers normally propel the golf ball the farthest and should be reserved for par 5 and long par 4 holes.

The role of wedges is to hit the golf ball with the objective of making it fly high into the air before it lands on the putting surface. Wedges generally have a greater inclination as compared to other types of golf clubs.


This is one of the leading golf accessories manufacturer and also the most popular brand in the United States. Callaway company started as a manufacturer of high quality putters and wedges in 1982. The brand garnered lots of popularity when the company introduced a line known as Big Bertha golf clubs. Today, Callaway sells a full line golf clubs from putters to drivers.

This company was founded in the year 1979 and is a subsidiary of Adidas group. They now sell all kinds of golf clubs along with quality accessories. This brand is well known for its’ technological advancements especially with their line of drivers.

This is one of the largest golf manufacturers on the planet. Many golfers associate this brand with high quality golf balls. This company also manufactures high quality golf clubs including drivers, putters, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, and wedges. They offer different categories of clubs designed to accommodate different needs and skill levels.

This brand is well known for its’ high quality putters and irons. Their golf club designs are always revolutionary and provide maximum loft and spin. Many beginners prefer using Ping golf clubs to improve on their game.

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